Vitamin c Serum


Vitamin c Serum

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Well, Vitamin C serum is what most of the cosmetic experts and dermatologists across the globe have been focusing on. What is it, and what makes it such a powerful option? Let us check out in finer detail.

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Vitamin C Serum
Our Authentic Vitamin C serum is termed as of the most potent skincare ingredients for healing and improving fine lines, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and acne scarring. These problems are common in every female and male and often leads to lack of confidence and increasing skincare quality. Our Vitamin C serum for skin for all types is composed of researched skincare ingredients and approved by top-notch dermatologists around the globe to offer you one of the most useful additions to your skincare routine.
What is Vitamin C and why do we need it?
Vitamin C is one of the significant nutrients that are required for our skin . This vitamin helps to perform vital biological functions and its addition to your skin gives more and more advantage and helps with future skin damage. Our skin needs Vitamin C to synthesize collagen and also to hinder the mass production of elastin. According to our skin structure, collagen and elastin make up the prime component of our dermal skin layer. Both these fibrous layers support a structure to our skin by making it both firm and elastic.

However with time, as we grow old, our skin turns more thin and fragile. It starts to age and develops fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C use in our skin helps to reproduce collagen and reduce ageing and elimination of wrinkles due to excessive elasticity in our body.

Importance of Vitamin C serum for Skin
Vitamin C serum helps you to add Vitamin C to your skin to protect it from oxidative damage. Our Vitamin C Serum for skin solution is made up of water-soluble nutrients that work as an antioxidant to your skin by keeping your skin safe from free radicals in the atmosphere. By applying our Vitamin C serum water-based solution, your skin is ready to fight out free radicals and prevent your skin UV rays damage. Not just fidgeting sun damage, but Vitamin C is also required to remove pigmentation and skin darkening.

With time, your skin also accumulates wrinkles and fine lines due to an increase in skin’s collagen production and reduction of trans-epidermal water loss. Vitamin C work helps to prevent and fade such appearance damage and offer yours with various benefits and glowing skin. There are various Vitamin C Serum benefits for skin and you can feel it yourself with sudden glow and softness in your skin after its application. Vitamin C serum for men and women brings greater natural change with side effects.

Vitamin C Serum benefits

Best Anti-aging Serum: You don’t have to be old to start using Vitamin C serum as without its use, you start to age way faster. Antioxidants like Vitamin C play a great role in preventing ageing in men and women due to its daily use. According to the latest research, it has been found that the  L-ascorbic acid in Vitamin C serum effortlessly penetrates the inner layer of the skin and leads the production of collagen. 

Remove dark spots: We are known for offering the best vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C absorption in skin prevents the synthesis of the enzyme tyrosinase that results in melanin production and hence prevents from developing uneven darkening patch and scar of the skin. It not only prevents hyperpigmentation from developing but also helps to treat and eliminate if it is already present on the skin.

Best for all Skin Types: Our Vitamin C serum for men and women are suitable on any skin type be it sensitive or extremely dry. It doesn’t cause any backlash or irritation. However, if you have an excessive sensitive skin issue then don’t mix vitamin C serum with other skin ingredients. Use it on different days. 

Hydrating: One of the most sought after ingredients to have in any skincare routine is hydration. Our Vitamin C serum natural contains potassium ascorbyl phosphate, one of the pivotal Vitamin C derivatives that offer hydrating effect and keeps the skin normal and glowing without any water-loss and dryness.

Naturally lighten skin: Our Vitamin C Serum day or night is renowned for offering a golden glow in your face. With preventing pigmentation and scars from sun damage, the skin turns out to be naturally glowing and appears beautiful in every form. It’s time to switch to a better alternative and natural glowing face.

How To Use

Wash your face Glamlives charcoal face wash

Now clean your face with a clean cloth

Take few drops of vitamin c serum

Massage it gently over your face & Neck area with your finger tips till gets absorbed


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