Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and Acne Care

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skin, Hair and Acne Care


Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is your all one caretaker. You need not have so many different products for taking care of your hair, skin, nails, etc. you need only tea tree oil for taking care of all these. This versatile oil is efficient in its entire task. With so many scientifically proven clauses, tea tree oil is considered safe for usage. So you do not have to worry about the side effects.

Tea tree oil takes care by fighting against many infections and itching. It fights against all the conditions that affect the skin, hair or nails. It has many benefits for skin, nails, and hairs. Also, it works as a deodorant. Keep your body odor away with tea tree oil deodorant. Varies medicinal purposes are also solved with the help of tea tree oil. This includes treatment for cold and cough.

Why tea tree oil is preferable?

You should not confuse tea tree oil with oil extracted from tea leaves. This tea tree oil is entirely different.  Generally, tea tree oil is available in undiluted form but there are some products in which ita diluted version is also available. Make sure when you apply tea tree oil on the skin, the application must not be direct. Direct application can be harmful. Before applying it on the skin make sure you dilute it in any of the carrier oil. The proportion should be 1:12. This means the mix should contain one or two drops of tea tree oil and 12 drops of the carrier oil. Tea tree oil is not allergic, but it is recommended to perform the patch test before proper application. You will get to know whether you are allergic or not.

Application near the eyes also requires attention. Direct contact with the eyes may lead to irritation or itchiness. But despite these after effects, tea tree oil is great for the skin. Application on skin leads to reduced dryness of the skin.  It provides nourishment to the skin which makes it soft and smooth. So it’s a solution for those suffering from dry skin. Tea tree oil helps in fighting all kinds of fungal infections through its compound called terpinene. This compound is responsible for fighting with the viruses and the bacteria are causing the problem. Not only this but this compound has healing capabilities also. White blood cells protect our skin against all the germs that could harm our skin. The terpinen compound increases the activity of these white blood cells. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial properties are a cure of all your skin problems including acne as well.

Tea tree oil benefits

Tea tree oil is beneficial for many purposes. Let it be your hair care or your skincare, it will do it all. Tea tree oil provides benefits in the following areas:

Tea tree oil for hair growth

It cures the dandruff problem. It makes your scalp free from the dead skin cells. This keeps your scalp healthy and nourished. A healthy and nourished scalp stimulates hair growth. Mixing tea tree oil along with shampoo before use will be a better treatment for dandruff problem. Tea tree oil keeps your scalp moisturized, so dandruff will no longer appear again.

Skincare through tea tree oil

Mostly girls are troubled with the problem of acne and pimples on the face. For curing this they try a lot many products. H chemical substances of these products harm their skin. Tea tree oil removes all these unwanted marks with no damage to the skin. By curing these problems it makes the skin more smooth and soft.

Oral care with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can be used as a mouth wash also. It kills all the bacteria’s present in your mouth and keeps away the bad breath.

Foot care with tea tree oil

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil have magical capabilities. It prevents all the fungal infections that can harm your feet. Thus have a pain free foot with tea tree oil.

Soothing effect

Tea tree takes care of your mood also. The aroma of tea tree oil leaves a soothing and refreshing effect on your mind. Mixing tea tree oil with bathing water will keep your stress relieved and relaxed for the entire day.

Nail care

Nail infections are best prevented through tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is a safer and better way to treat nail fungal infections as compared to medical treatments available for the same.

All you need to take care off

Certain precautions need to be followed with the use of tea tree oil. Avoiding these precautions may have a reverse effect on your health. These precautions are:

Pregnant and lactating women’s should pay extra care when using tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil should not be under direct contact with sunlight.

Direct skin application should also be avoided.

Consultation with professional must be done before diluting tea tree oil with any other essential oil.

Never let tea tree oil find a way to your stomach. It can be harmful.


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