Onion Oil For Hair Growth and Skin Care


Onion Oil For Hair Growth and Skin Care

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Onion hair oil

Long and lustrous hair is what everyone wants. But fulfilling this dream is somewhat difficult. Not every hair product serves this purpose. But onion hair oil for hair regrowth fulfills it. None of us could imagine that a staple food i.e. onion can provide us with such a great benefit. It provides you with radiant and lustrous hair. it cures the hair fall problems leading to increased growth of hair. This home remedy is a one-stop solution for all hair related problems. It cures all.

The mineral content of onion hair oil is the reason behind the benefits provided by it. The major reason for hair fall is usually the dandruff problem. Dry and flaky scalp leads to dandruff problem. Many products promise to cure it but somehow fail to do so. But onion hair oil is not like the other. Onion hair oil for hair regrowth and dandruff cures the problem of dandruff and leads to voluminous growth of hairs.  if your hair fall or dandruff problem is at large scale then you can buy onion oil for hair regrowth combo pack for longer use.

How does onion oil help?

Onion oil has been considered ideal for hair growth by the journal of dermatology.  Onion hair oil for hair growth shows its best effects when applied twice a day. According to a study, onion hair oil for hair growth is much more beneficial for males than females. Onion hair oil deeply nourishes the hair follicles which causes great hair growth. With nourishment, onion hair oil perfectly conditions the hair. Proper conditioning causes the growth of new hair. A variant of onion oil called as red onion oil is full of essential oils which stimulate extensive hair growth. It deeply nourishes the scalp by penetrating deeply into the hair follicles. Thus for hair growth root therapy with onion hair oil is best.

For hair growth, enough amount of keratin in the hair is required. Onion hair oil consists of dietary sulfur which consists of keratin. Along with hair growth, the dietary sulfur provides nourishment to the hair which stimulates hair growth. The antibacterial properties of onion hair oil protect scalp from infections. A healthier scalp always supports hair growth. The antioxidants of onion hair oil protect the scalp and hair follicles from the damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals hinder hair growth. Thus by fighting against these free radicals, onion hair oil stimulates hair regrowth.

Advantages of onion hair oil for hair regrowth

Onion hair oil is very much beneficial for hair. It provides great hair care. The benefits can only be reaped with continued use of onion oil for hair regrowth. These advantages are:

Hair growth

The major advantage of onion hair oil is that it accelerates the speed of hair growth. But the effects are skin dependent. For some skin or scalp types, the effects may be visible very soon and for some, it may take time. All you need to show is patience. Thus with onion hair oil for hair regrowth, the hair growth will be voluminous.

Protection from infection

Onion hair oil protects the scalp from getting infected. The antioxidants of the oil play a major role in this task. It enhances the activity of enzymes performing the task of protection. Healthier scalp always leads to the growth of healthier hair.

Blood circulation increases

Proper blood circulation leads to scalp nourishment. This, in turn, leads to hair growth. Red oil increases blood circulation to the scalp. This stimulates hair growth. Thus regular use of red onion hair oil leads to the growth of long and lustrous hair growth.

Shiny hairs

Onion oil contains some proportion of tree oil. This tree oil enhances the effect of onion hair oil for hair regrowth. This leads to shiny and lustrous hair.

The right way of using it

Proper use of onion hair oil will lead to many benefits that are provided by onion hair oil. this is not the only way to use it. You can apply it the way you want. Following this way of its application will lead to many benefits. Just follow these steps and have lustrous hair.

Step 1: take a few drops of onion hair oil for hair regrowth. Make sure that the scalp is dry. For the application of onion hair oil, the scalp should be dry.

Step 2: massage it properly over your scalp. Massage it nicely to the roots so that oil penetrates to the hair follicles. Deep penetration will lead to better nourishment of hair follicles.

Step 3: Leave the oil applied to the scalp for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you can wash it. Leaving it applied to scalp overnight is more beneficial.

Step 4: wash your hair to take off all the oil. Warm water is considered best for this purpose. Hair cuticles get opened up with warm which allows the shampoo to penetrate to roots. This removes all the toxins from the hair. After a wash with warm water, wash it with cold water.


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