Onion Hair Serum


Onion Hair Serum

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Onion Serum

Stuck in constant hair fall? It’s pretty common for men and women to experience hair fall nowadays and it leads to becoming a major issue each day now. That’s why we offer our effective onion serum for hair. It is pretty disappointing to see your precious bunch of hair all over the floor, bed and all other parts of the room. Well, it’s time you take some action against it because hair is EVERYTHING. Our serum helps you prevent various other aspects that lead to constant hair fall like dandruff, baldness, greying and hair thinning.

Our Onion Serum for hair fall helps to nourish and protect from one of the significant causes called pollution. Our serum helps you to escape the negative impacts of pollution and other environmental problems like water that leads to a loss of natural shine of hair every day now. Our Onion hair serum is highly recommended and backed by dermatologists that help to promote hair growth and solves severe hair problems like hair fall, greying, or baldness.

Importance of Onion Hair Serum

Don’t you want to have a great hair day? We know you do and it is successfully possible with our powerful Onion hair Serum. As you know, onion concentration has proven to promote hair regrowth, nourishment and hair fall prevention. It is also popular in Ayurveda from medical times for maintenance of healthy and strong hair growth. 

The magic lies in the rich sulphur content in onion serum as it helps to reduce thinning of the hair and nurture the hair follicles. The antibacterial property of the Onion Serum helps to eliminate dandruff and other contaminants that lead to scalp infection while its antioxidants presence helps to reverse premature white/grey hair in youngsters. 

Benefits of Onion Serum

Presence of Antioxidants: Our Onion Serum helps to promote hair growth cycle, all because of the presence of plenty of antioxidants. These helpful antioxidants help to improve the functioning of some enzymes that work in restraining hair fall.

Healthy Hair Regrowth: Our Onion Serum is known for promoting hair regrowth on a larger and the most effective way. Once you start to add our powerful onion hair serum in your daily routine, you’ll see a great difference in the prevention of constant hair fall and treatment of baldness.

Prevents breakage, splits and thinning – These set of problems are getting common among men and women. That’s why our sulphur-rich  Onion serum helps to prevent regular breakage, thinning of the hair follicles and getting rid of split ends. Apart from these effective nourishments, Our hair serum also supports regular pH of the hair hence further preventing premature greying.

Support proper nourishment: Feel like your hair is getting damaged each day now? Don’t worry, you are not alone. With the population, it is getting quite common for hair to be turning our dry and malnourished. Look no further than as our Onion serum ensures proper nourishment of the quality of your hair by the use of sulfur to increase the hair follicle quality.

Maintain a healthy Scalp: Many problems lead to constant hair fall and one of the significant ones are scalp problems. Dandruff and other problems lead to unhealthy hair. Our Onion serum helps to keep your scalp hygienic and healthy that leads to thicker, shiny and stronger hair growth. It ensures your scalp remains free from bacterial-growth.


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